Our Superior Technology

Electrostatic Sprayers Rs

Our Technicians are equipped with Electrostatic Sprayers which are the most effective method for applying disinfectant. This technology creates an electrical charge to the disinfecant chemical causing it to attach to surrounding surface areas like a magnet.

Dry Vapor Steam Industrial Machines

Our machine reaches temperatures of 100 PSI/6.8 bar and maximum temperatures of 330°F/ 170°C. This temperature kills Germs, Bacteria, Viruses, and microbes on contact. The dry vapor steam produced by this equipment comes out as Nano size droplets, which can penetrate surface pores. When the vapor meets the cold sides of the pores they violently expand, forcing debris out. While loosening this grime, the high temperature also kills any pathogens it comes in contact with. Chemical cleaning cannot achieve the same deep cleaning & sanitizing as dry vapor steam. We use this machine to remove all debris from your facility. This step is crucial in order to achieve complete disinfection.